ESEA Season 48 Intermediate

Exciting news for all the esports fans out there! Crep Xtreme, our amazing Counter-Strike team, is getting ready for their next big challenge.
They're going to play in the ESEA Season 48, and this time, they're in the Intermediate division. The action starts on January 15.

Last Season's Stars, This Season's Hope
Crep Xtreme really showed what they could do last season. Now, they're all set to face new teams in the Intermediate league. Everyone's excited to see how they'll do.

Back with the Winning Team
Crep Xtreme is hitting the ground running with the same roster that brought them success in the past season. The team has shown great skill and teamwork, and they're sticking together to face the new challenges in the Intermediate league.

Coach Yuriy Leading the Charge
Behind every great team is a great coach, and for Crep Xtreme, that’s Coach Yuriy. He’s been working hard to get the team ready for the tougher competition they’ll face in the Intermediate league. With his guidance, the team is preparing to step up their game and tackle the new challenges head-on.

What's Coming Up
Everyone's buzzing about what Crep Xtreme will do in the Intermediate league. They did really well last season, so we're expecting some exciting matches.


So, get ready to follow Crep Xtreme as they start ESEA Season 48. It's going to be great to see how they do in the Intermediate division. Let's support them all the way!