Crep Xtreme is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our roster - Arthur "nibito" Manukian, a seasoned player with a remarkable track record in the esports arena.

At just 20 years old, this Ukrainian prodigy has made significant waves in the competitive gaming community. With a rich history as a former player for ESEA Advanced and ex-FPLC. Arthur brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Crep Xtreme.

In his new role as In-Game Leader (IGL) and Rifler, Arthur is set to bring a dynamic and strategic edge to the team. His appointment is expected to enhance the team's performance and cohesion, providing the tactical acumen needed to navigate the highest levels of competitive play.

Crep Xtreme's spokesperson expressed excitement about the new signing: "Arthur's addition to our team marks a significant step forward in our journey towards esports excellence. His skill set, experience, and leadership qualities are exactly what we need to elevate our game. We're confident that with Arthur as our IGL, the team will achieve new heights."

Arthur's transition to Crep Xtreme is seen as a strategic move, reflecting the team's commitment to continual growth and success. His proven track record in clutch situations, combined with his adept rifling skills, positions Crep Xtreme as a formidable force in upcoming tournaments.

Fans and followers of Crep Xtreme are eagerly anticipating the new dynamics Arthur will bring to the team. His debut matches are highly anticipated, with the esports community keen to see how his leadership and tactical prowess will translate in the high-pressure environment of competitive gaming.

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