ESEA OPEN Move to Intermediate

In October 2023, something amazing happened in the world of esports. In the ESEA Open Playoffs, where 256 of the best teams came to play, Crep Xtreme, our own team, did something incredible. They didn't just show up; they rocked the competition and finished in 9th place.

The Journey

Playing in the ESEA Playoffs was tough. Every game was a challenge, with teams fighting hard to win. But Crep Xtreme was up for it. They played smart, worked as a team, and showed everyone what they're made of. Getting to 9th out of 256 teams? That’s not just good; it's outstanding.

The Team That Made It Happen

Jorko, our sniper from Bulgaria, was on fire. Every shot he took was spot-on.

Bonce and his teammates S1an and Kiy0o from Ukraine played brilliantly, making all the right moves at the right time.

And let's not forget Dafra1D, the team leader. He made sure everyone was focused and playing their best.

Coach Yuriy was the one who brought all these talents together, turning them into a winning team.

Moving Up to the Big League

Finishing 9th is a big deal because it means Crep Xtreme is moving up from the Open division to the Intermediate league in ESEA. This is a huge step up and a chance to play against even better teams.

What’s Next

Now that they're in the Intermediate league, things will get even more exciting for Crep Xtreme. They'll face tougher teams and bigger challenges. But they're ready for it if their performance so far is anything to go by.

So, there you have it. Crep Xtreme's journey in the ESEA Playoffs was incredible. They showed skill, teamwork, and a lot of heart. As they move up to the Intermediate league, we can’t wait to see what they do next. Keep your eyes on Crep Xtreme – there’s a lot more to come from them!